ElastixConnection is a site setup to provide select guides and application notes for the Elastix Unified Communications Server (UCS).

* ElastixConnection is not affiliated with or employed by Elastix or Palosanto. We just recognise a good company, great developers, a fantastic award winning product and the value of sharing information. That's what this site is all about.

ElastixConnection Forums Back Online

ElastixConnection Forums are back online. These forums are to discuss, correct, enhance the Application Notes and Guides.

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What is Elastix?

Elastix is a Unified Communications System (UCS) in the true sense of the word. At its core is a PBX system which is capable of communicating via IP (VoIP) and/or via a large range of telephony devices (cards or external gateways) that basically cover every telephony system available around the world.

But it does not stop there. Elastix also includes reporting systems, conferencing and via its large number of easy to install add-ons, which include Call Centre, CRM systems, Hotel systems, Call Management systems, Monitoring systems and much more.


Did you know?

There is a large number of resources on the Internet which will make your job easier. ElastixConnection is one of those resources but there are many others. Take a look at the Elastix Web Links at the bottom of this page. Slideshows or presentations is a another great resource

You can see the vast range of slideshows here


Future Guides

  • Elastix Security Guide - Out now!!
  • Faxing with Elastix
  • Interconnecting Elastix with OpenVPN
  • Elastix High Availability Guide
  • VoiceBlue GSM Gateway Guide
  • Using TAPI with Elastix